Gold Award for Detached Home 3001-4000 sq ft, Home Built for Sale
Project Location: South Haven, Mich.
Photographer: Megan TerVeen

Photo of Gold Award

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Project Team
Architect: Wayne Visbeen - Architect's Website
Builder: Mike Schaap Builders - Builder's Website
Interior Designer: Benchmark Wood Studio- Interior Designer's Website
Developer: Chad VanHorn
Land Planner: Debest Landscaping - Land Planner's Website
Interior Merchandiser: Benchmark Wood Studio - Interior Merchandiser's Website

Design Statement:
This home is a four-story cottage bungalow designed to allow for the clients to host large numbers of guests for extended beach vacations. The master bedroom offers comfort and privacy for homeowners, even with a house full of visitors. A variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces are available, including a custom pool and patio out back. In addition to providing living space for family and friends, every level of the Tupelo takes full advantage of its sweeping lake views from its perch on the shoreline.